This week is supposed to be study week for all of us but our lecturer insists of having last class with her. The class is totally about the exam tips and also doing revision with her at the same time. She did gives clues on how the questions are about to be. It is not really based on our understanding of what being taught this while, it is mostly about how we can apply and manipulate the concept taught in the situation given. Here it needs us to think creatively and apply all the TS learnt before and all the methods taught previously. The class last for one hour and I am really satisfy with the input I get. Last but not least, a big hand of appreciation to my dear lecturer, Associate Prof. Dr. Kamisah, and the lecturer to-be, Pn. Rosseni for their guidance throughout the semester and I am really great to know both of you as well as having you as our lecturer. Here, a poem for both of you:


You have a strong spirit within you

A spirit capable of taking you

As far and as high as

Wherever you want to go.

You teach me not to be satisfied for less

Than all I can be

You have the greatness within you

And you always be yourself.

You advise me

To keep focus on my goals

And the things that I realized

You have the power within you

To make things happen.

Thank you for a wonderful you

That appears in my life

And shine my way to success.


Last week was our final lecture with Associate Prof. Dr. Kamisah. The lecture was about “Measurement and Evaluation of Thinking Skills”. I would rather briefly describe the lecture rather than telling the whole thing that I’ve learnt that day. Well, learn to understand is better than learn to remember as learn to understand would make me remember the concept or idea for a longer time. Here again in this lecture, Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy (BRT) is used. The BRT level starts with remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and lastly creating.


          During this lecture, I get to know the things that may happen in measurement and evaluation of science teaching with respect to measure Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). With several examples given by Dr. Kamisah, it makes me realize how important it is to use the correct thinking skills (TS) and a teacher’s awareness of using TS in constructing the exam questions. The best things in attending the class this time is that the students are given key or tips to good assessment of HOTS. There are a lot of benefits in furthering study (for me). During my college time (at one of the teacher training college in Malaysia), I did learn about this subject but the study of it is not really that detail as what I am having here right now. For those teachers who read my writing, you should see such programme (further study) at a positive side.


          At the end of the class, we are given our final exam tips from the lecturer and she also did guide us on which topic to focus more. Thanks to her anyway for her kindness. At least our burden in studying the whole topic/book is not that hard and bore anymore.


New Improved Lawnmowers  

One day a lawyer was riding in his limousine when he saw a guy eating grass He told the driver to stop. He got out and asked him, “Why are you eating grass”. The man replied, “I’m so poor, I can”t afford a thing to eat.” So the layer said, “Poor guy, come back to my house.” The guys then said, “But I have a wife and three kids.” The lawyer told him to bring them along. When they were all in the car, the poor man said, “Thanks for taking us back to your house, it is so kind of you.” The lawyer said, “You”re going to love it there, the grass is a foot tall.”  

Taken From : http://jokes.comedycentral.com/joke_of_day.aspx


Salam to all and Salam Maulidur Rasul as well…On this wonderful day, I’ve updated my blog after read the third powerpoint presentation made by Pn Rosseni…her new pp really made most of the things clearer in using the widgets in this wordpress. My try and error in using the widgets really fun and I enjoy using and see newbies on my blog site…Regarding the last lecture with Pn Rosseni, I would like to apologise to her as Fiona Choo and I couldn’t make it to her class due to presenting our university to MAKUM Boria in Penang…The good news, we got 2nd and that was the u’s first victory since many years ago… From one of my classmates, the amount of presenties are not that good…well Pn, u have to get use to it…its normal actually in our class….I know I have missed a lot (the content of the lesson) and hope I can get use the latest pp notes to the fullest…to Pn, ur new pp notes regarding the usage of widgets really marvellous and it helps me a lot…Anyway Pn, nice job and it seems that u are a very dedicated educator and really love to have u as our lecturer…some more, we really look foward to have class with again in the future….well, have to stop here then…until we meet again in my next postings….c ya soon…..

Last Monday (March, 3), we have the class as usual…this time we are given our third assignment…that is the part where I like the most. We are asked to read articles and take out the main points in it and have it prepared in a soft ware (power point presentation aka PP)…thank God I brought along my laptop this time…it really helps a lot…I get to surf a number of extra information from the internet and put it in our PP slideshow…by the end of the time given, only my group are prepare for it…the rest of the groups only managed to identify the main point, that’s not bad…less work to do this weekend as we need not to work that hard on it, just need to be ‘touch up’ here and there only…sounds like making up human being, hehehe….

This morning I’ve received an email from Pn Rosseni…she comments a lot but I really like her writing…if not because of her email, I wouldn’t update this blog for the time being I guess, as I really have fun with the other blog of mine…well, I guess I should take her advice seriously. Anyway, thanks to her…I know that she will read this, all I would like to apologize if there’s any wrong doing done by me or my course mates…on behalf la…but it’s really nice to know her…anyway, maybe I could write about her or look for a poetry that I feel best describe her…say yo, have to end here….until we meet again…………… 

My Group Members (from left: Fiona, me, Vanaja, Vim)

This time I would like to write on the previous class which was on February 18, 2008. That day we had a sudden quiz which requires us to answer the question given in a group. Thank God that all the members managed to come early, that really made us be alert….With such activity (quiz), it really test our understanding and previous knowledge regarding this subject matter…however, our group manage to answer all the question and we are confident that we can get all answers done correctly. Other than that, I am really happy for my group as we did it in a very cooperative environment with every member committed in completing the task and put all their best effort in it…by the end of the time given, we are satisfies with our product as well…all members smile, that’s the most important part…group’s satisfaction… Back to the classes, I really love to attend this class…many factors influenced me to say so:

Sweet and friendly lecturer that I have   

New input that I gain every session 

Wonderful group members (Fiona, Vanaja and Vim)   

Nice classroom environment 

Other than that, the assignment we had and different class environment really attract most of the students to it…I’ve been talking with some of the friends and they are happy to have 2 lecturers for the course (even though the assignments quite a lot also).. J…Guess have to pen off now…need to complete few assignments before go for Penang next week…Fiona and I are in UKM team representing the university in Boria competition this coming Thursday/Friday…pray for us and the team k…..

Well, here we meet again in my blog…… I am supposed to write for last two weeks lecture’s but failed to do so… So, it seems that I owe two journals up to this week. This time I would like to write about the class that I have for the last two weeks. On the February 4th, we learned about Thinking Skills in Education; Components of Thinking. It doesn’t seem bored for me to be in this class even though I’ve learned most of the topics in this subject during my college time (at one of the teacher training college at Sarawak).  The main reason is that I get to widen my knowledge in this subject area. Other than that, I love to be in the class as the way Dr. Kamisah’s deliver the lecturer is ‘excellent’. I know that I am not supposed to judge her teaching but every time we’re having class with her, it seems that she is the most energetic person of the day. Furthermore, she always shares a quote in every class before she starts her lecture. This week, the quotation that she shared is, “The Best Teachers Are Those Who Equip Students to Think for Themselves”.  Back to the making up the weblog, I still struggle on certain area especially the journals that need to be ‘advertise’ in this blog. Well, I supposed that I should ask Pn Rosseni regarding this matter. The most anticipating and interesting part in having the blog is that I get to teach my friends the way to create a blog and have it by their own. I feel like I am back to teaching world for a while; while monitoring my friends’ progress.  The day before, I have uploaded few poems in my webpage; which I feel that it is good to share something nice like such wonderful poems. Hopefully, others can get the benefits from my blog. After this, I planned to look for some good journal related to this subject and I better get it done before another class with Pn. Rosseni. I guess my writing should end up here. Until we meet again. Peace upon all.